Personal Branding with Tanya Lloyd

the ultimate deep dive into your brand

Most entrepreneurs love what they do, their clients and the problems they solve for them. But they don’t know how to market themselves and grow their following or Personal Brand.

I wanted to support people, so I’ve created photography packages that start with the discovery of your personal brand where I educate people about what Personal Branding is and how it can help them gain more clients. I guide them to discover their unique personal brand. This is done through a Zoom group or 1-2-1 calls with me in person.

You’re more than just a photographer, you have all the background knowledge of mindset which means I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I know I’m getting all your support in a deeper way to help me inhabit my brand.

your journey starts here

Do you want to grow your business and gain more clients?

Do you feel self-conscious but want to confidently “walk your brand” to market yourself?

Would you love a collection of images you’re proud of?

“There has never ever been anyone like you before on the planet, and there never will again – you are unique and have a set of unique gifts that the world needs!”

All of my packages support female entrepreneurs to celebrate their uniqueness.

If you can grow your business you can build the life of your dreams.

A little about the workshops

The Packages


You and your business are constantly EVOLVING. This programme supports you to be RESPONSIVE, and ADAPT your brand imagery to reflect you.

Build your CONFIDENCE to inhabit and “walk your brand.”

Continue CREATING and BUILDING your collection of images.

Have a steady stream of images throughout the year.



Explore deeply who you are as a female entrepreneur.

Create a diverse set of images you will love.

Learn to build your CONFIDENCE to inhabit and “walk your brand”.



Do you want an affordable way to get a small collection of images, to start “walking your brand?”

Would you like to “Be who you are ~ without apology?!”

Would you like to explore within a very private space what it’s like to feel comfortable being photographed possibly for the first time?



Discover how Personal Branding can help you gain more clients and build a following.

Learn how to market yourself through your Personal Brand.

This is an affordable way to learn about Personal Branding and how it can give you confidence to build a powerful online presence.


Free Preparation Advice

All my photoshoot clients receive a complimentary preparation PDF to help them prepare for their shoot.

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Loved the session. Had a lightbulb moment!


Tanya is very relatable and you can feel her passion, which is infectious!


Helped with my Mission Statement and re-evaluating my business.




Clients who know their Personal Brand and walk it do so with confidence. They know who their ideal clients are and how to market to them. This impacts their client base and retention as well as their business growth overall.

Clients who invest in creating their Personal Brand image collections have a perfectly curated set of images to use for their marketing stories and features. This helps their ideal clients easily connect with them and want to work with them over time.

Clients who consistently use their personal brand images send out a very clear message to their ideal clients that they are serious about the impact they want to make in the world. This builds their brand over time and their raving fans help to spread the word and gain more clients.

Yes, I have a collection of clients who are happy to be contacted, please let me know and I can pass you their details.

Please go to my Google Review page and read them all. If there is one you feel drawn to let me know and I get put you both in touch.

If you follow the guidelines of my Deep Dive workshop and you market yourself consistently using what I teach then you should expect results. It is tricky to give a guarantee of how long this will take, as the work afterwards is your responsibility. It’s up to you to do all the work on your Personal Brand and create a marketing plan.

Building your Personal Brand from scratch takes time. People may look like they are an overnight success, but often this is a journey that takes years. I am here to support and guide you to get started with your Brand and it’s up to you to continue to work on it over time to build a following and client base.

If you are serious about launching or building your business and your Personal Brand, this takes an investment of time and money. To create a steady stream of clients consistently will require a marketing plan throughout the year for your social media and website.

Websites that have no new content won’t get engagement. Investing in new images throughout the year will give your website a refresh, help your SEO and give you social media content which is in line with your business developments and improvements, all of which you can celebrate.

Clients who want to make the biggest impact in either launching or growing their business work with me throughout the year and sign up to my Seasonal Personal Brand Programme. This brings the best results with an ongoing feed of original images to help them build their brand over time.

Other clients may want to get themselves started with their Personal Brand and create their initial set of images. These clients tend to work with me over a couple of months.

Finally some clients just want to get underneath their Personal Brand first before they invest into their image collection and attend my Deep Dive workshops over half a day.

Or, if they want a small set of studio Personal Brand images they may attend one of my Headshot Days for Female Entrepreneurs.

I’m proud of the time and love I’ve put into my programmes. I believe it can help build confidence in all the clients I work with.

Passionate entrepreneurs are serious about their businesses. When we work together I make sure they are light hearted and fun and I invite everyone to get involved with the Deep Dive sessions.

For most of us having our photos taken can be unnerving and so I spend time with each client making sure they feel relaxed and ready to be photographed.

Planning and preparation of each shoot is hugely important in alleviating any stress or anxiety about the shoot ahead. The result is all my clients enjoy their shoots, with a lasting feeling of pride and celebration. They love their images and feel confident about sharing them.

Great! Did you know that one of the most prominent characteristics of successful people is that they take action? They take educated risks, are decisive, take action, and they move forward towards success faster as a direct result of this. It’s a well-known fact these people make decisions based on their gut instinct. So, that being said, since this feels right for you, then go for it.

Let’s have a chat over Zoom and explore your hopes, goals and dreams for your business!

Why don’t you attend one of my Deep Dive workshops and see how you feel after that? Or, you may want to sample my photography and join one of my Headshot Days for your initial studio set of Personal Brand images.

I guess that’s up to you to look at what you’re willing to do to push yourself into the next level of what you want for your business.

You can look at delegating some of your time heavy tasks to a VA or other professional, depending on what support you need.

Of course, get in touch, I’d love to chat this through with you. Just use the option to book a call via this page. T xx

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*Places are limited*



As with the four different seasons of the year: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter we often have different seasons within our business.

The Seasonal Personal Brand Shoots gives you the opportunity to celebrate your business in all it’s areas with four Personal Brand Shoots throughout the year.

Once you’ve been taken through your Deep Dive session you will have a strong sense of your Personal Brand. You will know your VALUES, MISSION and VISION for your life and business. This will help us create a vision for your images to reflect it with your four shoots throughout the year.

My Seasonal Personal Brand Shoots enable you to continue to build your confidence to market yourself through your imagery. We create a different feel to each shoot day, helping you to communicate a different aspect of your business or to appeal to your ideal client avatar.

We may choose to photograph different aspects of your business, you, what you do, who you work with, your staff, different locations and different services you offer.

You may initially want a new set of images because you have rebranded and are getting a new website. Seasonal brand shoots enable you to have new images, new content to market yourself within your website and across social media. Business is never fluid, but is always changing and adapting with you as you grow, develop and adapt your business.

The location and vibe of each shoot will be appropriate to what is best to communicate “next” to your ideal client. Together we can revisit your vision to see if it has changed or adapted, and can create a shoot which communicates this. These Shoot days can include both location shoots and a studio session depending on what’s appropriate.

As part of your Seasonal Personal Brand Program we will have a zoom call to discuss and create a new shoot plan throughout the year according to where you are within your business and depending on what is most relevant for your future marketing plan.

This program can be ongoing year after year so you know your imagery for your marketing is handled giving you confidence knowing you are continuing to build your brand presence.
Being consistent in your marketing and in front of your ideal clients gives you a powerful ability to be chosen ahead of your competitors and can’t be underestimated.


Once you’ve been taken through your Deep Dive session you will have a strong sense of your Personal Brand. You will know your VALUES, MISSION and VISION for your life and business. This will help us create a vision for your images to reflect it with your Personal Brand Shoot.

We look at your ideal client avatar to help us choose the kind of locations which will appeal to them through your image collection. Your images will show the passion you have for what you do and the clients you want to work with. We could choose trendy offices to attract corporate clients, or you in full flow leading a workshop with a group or in a one to one scenario.

If appropriate we will create images of you and your team, showing your work values, making a priority on showing your friendliness and approachability as well as celebrating your team. We may also capture images of you with your clients in a context with seems relevant.

A set of portraits will be taken of you in various outfits in different locations. Creating your Personal Brand collection of images will support you to confidently market yourself, build your following and support you to grow your business.

We will create a collection of images you will feel confident to share through your marketing.


My Headshot Days enable women to explore within a very private space what it’s like to be able to be fully; “Who you are ~ without apology!”

You bring a selection of outfits, props and make-up and I help you choose what will bring out the best in you. It’s like ‘Dress-up’. We have lots of fun. I keep it very light-hearted. I play your favourite music in the studio to help you have an enjoyable time. I show you them the images through-out the shoot to check you LOVE them as much as I do! The following week we will have a zoom call to choose your favourite images. You’ll then be sent the edit the following week.

o I offer One to one Mentoring for female entrepreneurs who would like more support to inhabit their Personal Brand and build confidence to put themselves out there in a bigger way. Through a discovery call we can discuss your challenges and your wants for your future. I will then create an individual program that is appropriate for you. We can decide together on the numbers of sessions and length of time we work together.


There’s much talk at the moment about how important it is to inhabit your Personal Brand if you’re an entrepreneur. But, what if you just don’t know what that means or how to do that?!

Through my half a day workshop, I support women to learn what Personal Brand is, the positive impact it can make to their businesses and then guide them to discovering theirs.

Most female entrepreneurs are looking to grow their business so they can get a good night’s sleep without worrying about money. Female entrepreneurs are independant and want to learn how to market themselves but they find they are holding themselves back. They prefer to be hidden in the background of their businesses, rather than step forward to be seen and market themselves.

We can make a bigger impact by being more visible. More visibility brings more clients and ultimately more profit. I help women make this shift in mindset through guiding them to discover their unique Personal Brand. I guide women to create their CORE VALUES, MISSION and VISION for their life and businesses.

If you just want to dip your toe in and learn your Personal Brand before you invest in your photography, this is a great option for you. If you later decide to have some photography with me I will deduct the price of your workshop from your photography package.