Would you welcome some time to stop, reflect and be supported?

Tanya Lloyd Coaching

As female entrepreneurs we often have;

  • So many plates to spin at the same time.

  • Decisions need to be made that we’re not sure of.

  • A need to continue to bring in work.

  • Have constant anxiety and fear bubbling underneath.

  • Fears of visibility and sales, which means we don’t market ourselves fully.

I became a Qualified Coach in 2023 because as a Photographer I could see the need to support my clients in a deeper way.

Women in business are often chasing their tail, not quite sure of themselves and able to trust their decisions.

I looked around at many coaching qualifications but chose to become a Transformational Mental Wellbeing Coach because it was the one which best suited how I could best serve my clients.

I’m not a Life Coach or a Business Coach. I am not a councillor or therapist.

My role as a coach is to guide and empower my clients to get in touch with their inner wisdom and ultimately to bring them back HOME to themselves. This in turn supports development, growth and healing.

My Mission is to support and empower female entrepreneurs so they trust themselves, build thriving businesses and live the life of their dreams.

I do this through one to one coaching and group coaching.

I hold regular Visioning Days for groups to support your Vision for your future. I also hold Personal Brand face to face group days to support you to inhabit your Personal Brand, both of which happen in my home in Glossop.

If you’d like to know more about how I can support you please click on my free consultation to organise a call with me.

I can’t wait to support you! xx